The Macbook Pro: A must have for tech youth activities [Gadgets that Rock]

Why this gadget?

Picture of a Macbook ProApple makes some fantastic computers and they are so easy to use for both you and your little ones when they get old enough to start using a computer.  The Macs come preloaded with some wonderful software called iLife that allows you to make home videos, listen to and create music, create a family blog, create family photo albums, and much, much more.  Read on past the break to understand a little more why I’m advocating for Apple products here on this blog about kids, technology, and fun activities.

I’m specifically recommending apple gadgets here because they just work!  I think it’s best if you can get a laptop (MacBook or MacBook Pro) over a desktop because it lets you be mobile with your gadget and you can use it while traveling or if you want to do a project with your kids out and about. I won’t bore you with the details but basically apple controls their own destiny… they own the hardware, software, and a lot of services that we use on this device and for that reason it all just works!  You don’t have to worry about installing drivers, or figuring out if a certain add-on device will work with your mac or how to get it to work… it just works! If you can swing it, and hopefully you can after reading my how to mac buying guide on this site, I would recommend the MacBook Pro as you get some nifty extras like a backlit keyboard so you can see the keys while typing from your little ones room after you’ve put them down for the night and it’s all dark. If you have to choose between a MacBook and an iMac I would highly recommend the MacBook because it enables you to be mobile with this technology and we’ve had so much fun both on the road and from hotel rooms or family member’s homes bringing and using this gadget along with us!

Some of my favorite projects using this gadget!

  • Creating & Editing Movies: Using the iLife Software that comes with every mac you can easily shoot, edit, and create home movies as well as share them with the world.
  • Creating a family web page
  • Video Chats!

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