The iPhone: A parents favorite gadget. [Gadgets that Rock]

Why is the iPhone your favorite Gadget?

Picture of an iPhone 4

Photo Courtesy of @jorgeq82

Leann and I would both agree that the iPhone 4 is hands down our most favorite gadget for enabling us to bring up brilliant kids using technology and the Internet.  The iPhone is such a fantastic device!  It’s so easy to use and there are so many useful and fun applications that you can get for free from Apple’s App store.  There are also a lot of more polished applicaitons that you can purchase as well.  Prices for applications start at .99cents (after the free ones of course) and go up from there. There’s also so much utility in this little device! On a daily basis I use this little gadget for the following things:

  1. My home / business / mobile phone.
  2. Listening to music in my car.
  3. Watching videos on the TV at home.
  4. Watching videos at the gym while I’m on the treadmill.
  5. Listening to music while I workout.
  6. Recording my workouts.
  7. Recording my daily calories.
  8. Recording statistics for my baby (feeding times, amounts, diaper changes, sleep time etc..).
  9. Posting pictures to Facebook.
  10. Recording videos of my children doing their daily activities.
  11. Taking pictures of my children doing their daily activities.
  12. Adding to our grocery list.
  13. Updating my never ending to-do list.
  14. Keeping my children entertained with learning games.
  15. etc..

This device is easily our number one recommended gadget for parents that are using technology and the internet to enrich the lives of their children. I recommend it for the same reason I do all the other apple products: It’s drop dead simple to use, and it’s super useful!

Some of my favorite activities for youth with this gadget.

  1. Updating our blog: I snap a few pictures and quickly email those pictures off to my family blog using my secret email address.  It’s soooo simple.  It only takes me a moment and then I have all my favorite moments captured and later turn that blog into a coffee table book of that year.
  2. Taking home videos: That’s right, if you have an iPhone 4 you can take HD video that will look great on your big screen TV.  It’s simple to use just point and tap on the record button.
  3. Photo Scavenger Hunt: This one is a great outdoor activity for older kids.  Make sure your iPhone is wrapped up in a sturdy case and then send them off outdoors around the neighborhood with one of our scavenger hunt templates and have them take pictures of the items on the list.  Check our in depth post on this outdoor activity for kids project.

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