How to buy Apple Computers with out breaking the bank!

Apple Logo Filled With Money

Adapted from Photo by @borman818

The trick to buying apple computers without breaking the bank is getting comfortable getting rid of your depreciating assets and having a lease not buy mentality! This method requires some up front saving and initial purchase but once your in you can stay on that latest technology curve from year to year with very little out of pocket money. The way we do this is to buy used or refurbished and then only hold on to the gadget until the next version is just about to come out.  At that time we sell the item on craigslist or ebay and take that money and use it to buy the next (latest and greatest) version of the gadget or another device that we want more!  Read past the break to see how I used this method to “purchase” my last macbook for less than $300 for 18 months! Continue reading