The family pet video blog [Youth Activities that Rock]

In this post we walk parents through setting up and executing on a a great indoor / outdoor activity for kids that teaches them the basics of filming, editing, and how to act in front of a camera. Specifically this activity centers around filming a family pet or pets over time and turning that video into a video blog or video podcast. Kids love this project because they get to run around with a video camera and film their pets, talk in front of the camera, and create charts that measures the progress of the pet over time. Read on past the break for more details of this great activity for youth that involves technology, film making, and learning!

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The iPhone: A parents favorite gadget. [Gadgets that Rock]

Why is the iPhone your favorite Gadget?

Picture of an iPhone 4

Photo Courtesy of @jorgeq82

Leann and I would both agree that the iPhone 4 is hands down our most favorite gadget for enabling us to bring up brilliant kids using technology and the Internet.  The iPhone is such a fantastic device!  It’s so easy to use and there are so many useful and fun applications that you can get for free from Apple’s App store.  There are also a lot of more polished applicaitons that you can purchase as well.  Prices for applications start at .99cents (after the free ones of course) and go up from there. There’s also so much utility in this little device! On a daily basis I use this little gadget for the following things: Continue reading